Thursday, 28 March 2013

RP2: Changes for next update

1) I've made a few changes to the stock edit screen, this is mostly to accommodate extra Web prices as 4 is no longer enough. I've also tidied the pricing screen up a little and changed the selling price to blue so that is more obvious:

I've had to make the box slightly wider to fit everything in.

2) 10 latest blog posts now showing on pos front screen
3) Change to Amazon order importer to create new delivery address for existing customers, rather than overwrite customer record details
4) Negative POs no longer affect quantity expected
5) Change to Misc items - if you leave the description blank, rather than stopping you adding the line, it sets the description to "Sundry Item"
6) Bug Fix: Adding a new sale, searching for the customer, then searching again would pop up the new customer box instead of searching. Now fixed.
7) Invoice button added to top of pos on uninvoiced sales if your access level is >=77
8) DD Batch posting now disables the button during the actual post so that it cannot be submitted twice.
9) Changed the icon on the delivery popup for the shopping list, changed from a basket to a shopping list icon - having it as a basket was causing some confusion when people were being told to "click the basket" to confirm a customer collect. Also, Shopping List option will no longer appear for refunds.
10) Fix printing carrier manifest from low access logins
11) Fix account number being overridden on HP acct MCR sales
12) Disable line charge edit on rentals
13) New Linked products tab in product details - shows the components of bundles and spare parts linked to a model (and models linked to a spare part)
14) Option to print analysis code on Own Manifest
15) Simplified stock edit screen for companies that have simpler requirements
16) Can now edit Bin in Adjustments tab. Also changed "Confirm" tickboxes to Save icons for consistency:
17) Fixes to scanned serial screen: marking now working correctly and auto-scrolls grid when it gets to the bottom. PONum and Filter boxes will refresh when enter pressed and will trim leading/trailing whitespace. Serial edit increased to 25 chars.
18) Stock and Serial flags disabled in product edit if product is in stock
19) Fix to part-ex in products being booked on delivery - serial was not being created.
20) Manifest confirmation now updates sale audit
21) ExVat and VAT amount added to Sale By Date/Invoiced Report
22) New promotions engine available - promotions can be set on products to pop up when an item is sold - "buy tv, get free bluray" etc.
23) Can now add serial number at pos for non-serial items
24) Extra fields added to HP/Rental credit agreement prints
25) Fix to nominal journal copying routine locking up
26) Change to delivery booking screen so that out of stock BN items show in red but can still be picked
27) Changes to Minimum stock screen. Extra filtering and new columns showing sales history and min/max levels
28) New "Reorder type" flag on product records to set them to Fast, Slow, Midrange, Dead or new

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