Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Carls Tip: Creating Add-ons

Add-ons are a great way to prompt the sales staff to offer accessories and other products in the middle of a sale, that might otherwise been missed.
Select the Stock tab, Setup, Products, Addons. Select New Entry.
  • Enter in the Model number or if you want an entire product group enter in PRODGRP and the product group code. 
  • Enter the stage this add-on will appear in the list. 
  • Enter the Model number of the Add-on.
  • Enter in the QTY of the add-on.
  • Leave the Price/Reduction and F/R blank and it’ll use the selling price of the add-on product or you can set up an overriding Fixed price or reduction from selling price.
  • Other options can be used for date range, Location and if you need to report on these you can give them a promotional name.

In the sales screen, add a model that an add-on applies to. On the Right hand side below your warranties will now appear the list of add-ons.

Select a + to put an add-on onto the sale.

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