Monday, 8 April 2013

Clear the current SOA via MyList

Sales Out Allowances (soa's) (Save our a?!*es)

Clear the current SOA via MyList

Another layer of complexity added by the manufacturer but RP2 does cater for them. See below. All the retros and allowances and settlement are shown to give you an exact NetNetNet price - very useful for calculating a selling price. 
When the item is sold the SOA is stored against the sale and can be reported on later. It will also produce a debit note awaiting the credit note from the supplier.
I have had a few discussion recently about SOAs and always have to stress that you are not just setting an SOA but a complete price entry that is valid for the dates entered. REMEMBER that the price will revert back when the date expires.
This has meant that some experienced users will not enter a closing date so that the price remains active. The problem being that the SOA has finished. To deal with this we have put an option int MyLists to clear the SOA on selected products. This will leave the price untouched but set the SOA to zero. 
Clear (as mud)

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