Friday, 12 April 2013

Keep Calm and Call Ref Point

Tim and I had a successful visit to Harry Garlick in Earby on Thursday, we went to install a wireless scanner and printer to allow them to book stock into the system quickly.

They had been writing all serial numbers down on a piece of paper and then typing them in. The scanner does away with all of that.

Now, they scan the EAN of the product, then scan the serial barcode and a label prints out straight away that they can stick on to the box. They then review all of the serials in a back office screen, match them to the purchase orders and book them straight into stock.

Dave Scothern seemed genuinely excited about it, it will save them a ton of time and get rid of keying errors.

HBH Woolacotts in Cornwall have been using this system for quite a few years and couldn't live without it.

Anyway, while we were at Garlicks, I noticed this pinned to the wall:

Good Advice!

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