Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Carls Tip: Customer Merge

As the system uses a customer code for its searches, you can not amend a customer surname (as the characters need match the customer code). If you need to change a customer name, you will need to create a new customer, then use the Customer Merge option. Same if there a customer on the system more than once, use the Customer Merge to combine the customer records into one.

From the Customers tab, select Merge.

Search for the 'master' customer, in the case of the customer that has changed their name, this will be the new customer, or if there is more than one of that customer, this will be the customer that you want to keep.

Tick the box to the left of the customer code, this will put the 'master' customer into the top 'Master Details' section.

Now search for all the customers that you want to merge into the Master Customer - this will delete these customers after moving all their history over to the Master Customer. Select the ones you want to merge by selecting the box to the left of the customer code.

At the top it'll show the amount of customers it will merge into the Master. Enter in the Reason for the customer merge as well as your initials.


Select Merge. This will DELETE the merging Customers and put all the history against the Master Customer. If you are not sure on any of the above, its always best to ask first.

Any Questions on this, or if you have any other suggestions for a 'Carl Tip' that other people would find useful, drop me a line on support.


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