Thursday, 6 June 2013

Changes/Fixes for the next update

1) Fix in Stock tab - when searching for products, clicking Sales tab, sorting, double clicking and then clicking Edit, it would not work in latest Flash Player. Now fixed.
2) Copy/Paste functionality was lost in the latest version of Chrome due to changes in the way it handles layered objects. Now fixed.
3) CSV importer would not upload any files. Now fixed.
4) Fix to returns debnote despatch for non-serial items - it was removing from BN status rather than FA status
5) You can now drag and drop product images into desired sequence. Can also add an image alt tag to be passed to the api
6) Added manufacturer part number to main stock search
7) Tidied up delivery slot details popup - existing deliveries now sorted by am/pm/ev and sale ref/route sequence.
8) Alert popups have lighter background to make them easier to read
9) Future products are now magenta (#ff00ff) in Stock Control
10) Added drop down carrier service box to manifest screen so that correct service can be selected for manifest exports etc.
11) Fix to stop tabs reloading all the time in latest firefox.
12) Customer surname can now be edited if you have high access

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