Monday, 5 August 2013

Carls Tip: Finding old Stock

What is useful, is finding old stock that is on the system, that hasn't been sold in a while.

From Stock tab, select Stock Enquiry,

  • Main Attributes tab, set the Types to In Stock.
  • Price/Qty tab, set More than Qty on Hand = 0.
  • Price/Qty tab, set Before Last sold = 01/01/12.
  • Select Search.

Then if you are tracking commission through RPii, you could amend these products and add a SPIV against the products, either through MyList, by setting the SPIV amount in the text box and selecting SPIV;

or by editing the product, Pricing tab, Promotions, enter in a SPIV Amount;

Any Questions on this, or if you have any other suggestions for a 'Carl Tip' that other people would find useful, drop me a line on support.