Monday, 14 December 2020

Installing Chromium with built in Flash Player for RPii.

 In a browser go to


Select Browser/Flash Bundle.

Go into the downloads folder.
Right click on the file and Extract All.

Extract All

Change the extraction folder to C:\ and select Extract.

C Drive

Open the new folder rp2-chromium
Right click on the RP2 (shortcut), select Send to > Desktop (Create Shortcut).

Right Click

Close this folder.

On the desktop there is now a RP2 icon.
Right Click on the RP2 icon, select Properties.
At the end of the Target line, replace COMPANY with your 3 letter company identifier followed by (So for example it will then show obviously your company is not abc. If you are working remotely away from the office or shop then this will need to be your remote link, for example 

Change Target

Select OK.

 Now when you double click RP2 it should take you straight to your server login page. When you login it shouldn't ask any questions about Flash Player.